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Bartering in a post-collapse world

Nowadays a lot of countries are afraid of the possibility of a financial crisis. Many people talk about it a lot, as they analyze different economic and market indicators. The results of these researches show that economic collapse can come to this world soon, and you’ll need these best bartering supplies to get you through it!

Noticing some signs, you can predict if a financial crisis is possible. One of these signs is huge inflation, as the value of money is becoming lower. If such a crisis happens, the best idea is to choose the barter economy instead of using money in the markets.

Of course, it’s not so familiar to use bartering instead of buying something with cash, but in this case, you may be sure that the goods that you have won’t become less valuable. Besides, during such a situation in economics, these products will have even more value, which can allow making a great profit. But to achieve it, you should save up some goods that can be bartered well if you want to receive other valuable things.

The best bartering products

  • Alcohol. Many human beings think about their desires at first and only after that, they think about their real needs. Even if people don’t have anything to eat, they are trying to find and use things that can make them feel escaped. A great example of such items is alcohol. This is high on the list of the best bartering supplies. After analyzing situations during many disasters, you may notice that sales of alcohol were increased. Alcohol is what many people really need a lot. If you don’t drink it then it’s even better to have it because you will be easily giving it to others receiving some valuable stuff.
  • Cigarettes. Cigarettes have always been one of the best items for bartering. Many centuries ago traders were giving them to the American Indians and were getting some valuable goods. Even now, it is possible to see that cigarettes can be used as “money” between prisoners in cell blocks. It is not necessary to exchange the whole packs of cigarettes, you can just open one and give every single cigarette receiving something in response.
  • Condoms. There are people who prefer not to use anything that can protect them from a situation when a woman becomes pregnant. But still, a lot of people use many ways of birth control because they don’t need an unwanted child. Condoms are very valuable because too many people can’t live without sex.
  • Food. Here is what is necessary during any difficult situation. If we face a financial crisis many stores won’t sell all the food because in this case, they’ll lose something valuable and receive money value of which won’t mean anything. Any kind of food will be great for bartering, one of the best types is canned meals.
  • Coffee. You can find too many people who can’t live without several cups of coffee. They are addicted to it. And if these people get into situations where they won’t be able to go to the coffee shops or to the stores the value of the coffee will become very high.
  • Chocolate bars. Here is one more item that makes many people addicted to it. Human beings adore the process of eating it but don’t forget that one more advantage of chocolate is that it creates endorphins, which are known as chemicals that produce happiness. This makes it one of the best bartering supplies.
  • Disposable diapers. Such diapers became really life-changing for many parents. Not so many people still choose cloth diapers for their kids, moreover, a lot of parents don’t even know how to use them. If you stock many disposable diapers it may be lifesaving for thousands of parents.
  • Toilet paper rolls. It’s not a joke that toilet paper rolls will have a huge demand, especially if there won’t be too many of them in the stores. In critical situations, people can be able to barter anything to get these rolls to make themselves clean.
  • Personal hygiene products. These items are not only good for making yourself clean, but also for caring about your health. They may not immediately come to mind for the best bartering products but don’t underestimate them! Different kinds of soap, lotions, shampoo, toothpaste will become necessary for many people. Hygiene products for women will be needed too, as females won’t feel comfortable without them.
  • First Aid supplies and OTC pills. During different survival situations, it may be really hard to get to the hospital. The same may happen even during a financial crisis. But if you have some First Air supplies and over-the-counter pills it may help you to stay healthy and save many problems.
  • Fuel. During the financial crisis, it will be difficult for people to get fuel because its cost is high. First of all, think about having enough fuel for your family and then try to save up more of it as it may be perfect for trading.
  • Fishing gear. If people face a financial crisis they’ll still need something to eat, but the food may not be available in the stores. So, the easiest way to get some food, especially if you are outside, is to go fishing. If people face hunger they will start thinking about fishing but for that, they will need fishing gear.
  • Tools for repairs. Preventative maintenance usually suffers during hard times caused by economic collapse. People can use items until they become damaged or broken. But if you have some tools for repairs it will make your life easier.

Save up your bartering supplies now

During a financial crisis (or other kind of collapse), you can exchange goods that you saved up for something that you or your family need or for goods that may allow you to get an income after the crisis. For example, during World War II, people who were occupied by Germans needed something to eat. For this purpose, they traded gold, jewelry, silver and other things that value a lot in normal life to farmers. When the war was ended the farmers sold all these items that they received which made them rich.

But don’t forget that you need to be careful. If people know that you saved up many of these best bartering supplies, they may attack you during the hard times to be able to get everything they need for free without any trading process. Sometimes people act recklessly so don’t let them do something terrible to you.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should always check you have a decent survival kit ready and waiting for any emergency you face.

  1. Thank you very much for the article.!
    (Last week I had planning to give away two packs of the disposable diaper I have. After I read this article I decide to keep them until the CoViD 19 situation end. Also the other things and goods I save up to exchange for something during financial crisis too.)

  2. Are precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) good for bartering? Or is that something most people wont really need during a long term shtf wrol scenario?

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