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Be prepared for evacuation at any time

If you have prepared your survival kit and you know where you want to hide during a bugging out emergency that doesn’t mean that you are completely ready to face a survival situation. Probably you will be able to leave your place and maybe even come into the woods, but there are not many chances that you will get to your destination where you’ve been planning to stay. There is a possibility that you will simply give up during your route, or you will come to the wrong spot, or you will be killed.

Hiding in the woods during a survival situation is not easy, you should prepare yourself well. It may be even harder if many other people are trying to survive as well. For example, imagine the process of evacuation during a hurricane… It won’t be easy to get through so many people and get to your destination.

If you want everything to go well when bugging out don’t think only about your plan and your actions. Try to prepare yourself for different situations based on how other people may react when they meet you. If you think about it now it may help you to create a survival plan that will help you to avoid many troubles. Besides, it will be great if you create some alternate plans for almost every point because there are many possibilities that you’ll get to some situations that weren’t taken into account in your main plan.

Avoid these things when bugging out:

  • Don’t come to the main roads. During survival situations, the main roads may look like huge parking lots, as all cars will be stuck there. Besides, the roads in the USA can’t handle so many automobiles that may come there during an evacuation. Of course, some routes for evacuation situations were created, you can see the signs showing them, but it doesn’t mean that these routes will lead you to the places that can save you.

It will be better to take a detour because in this case, you won’t be stuck in one place with thousands of people. Choose several roads that may allow you to leave your city, but make sure that they are not close to main roads, you need the ones that won’t be used by everyone. During an emergency situation, detour will become the fastest way of leaving the city.

  • Avoid the roads if you are going on foot. If you don’t use a car for transportation and you go on foot, then choose a cross-country way. In this case, you probably won’t meet too many people. Of course, even during hard times, many human beings will still act normally, but there can be some who will act crazy and who will be ready to beat or even kill you to take your food and supplies.
  • Don’t choose a close bug-out location. The process of evacuation is difficult and it requires to be well-prepared, so make sure that your destination will worth it. Choose the location that is far from your home to be sure that everything that is going on in your city won’t affect your chosen spot. It is a good idea to have alternate destinations, but you can’t prepare yourself for many routes, so it is better to use the main one.
  • Don’t look prepared. Many people who are preparing themselves for bugging out can choose a well-developed truck for survival. Of course, it may be very helpful to have such a vehicle, but you shouldn’t choose something based on its look. Don’t put on any camouflage outfit or anything else that will make you look like a person who has been prepared for this situation. In critical situations, people may act recklessly, so you may look like a target for them.
  • Don’t show your weapon. Taking a gun with you is a good idea because you never know who you can meet. But avoid showing your gun to others, even by accident. Someone may call the police and it is definitely not what you need. Besides, if you have a visible gun some people may realize that you have valuable supplies. Some will be afraid of you, but others will decide to rob you because of it.

If someone is attacking you without knowing that you have a gun it may become an awful surprise for him. If your weapon is visible then any person who decides to rob you will know what to expect, so he will steal your gun at first or even kill you to take your goods. But if you hide your gun well and someone decides to attack you, you will have a huge advantage by taking your gun unexpectedly.

  • Avoid carrying too many things. Of course, it is necessary to take different supplies, tools and food with you in a bug out bag if you face an emergency, but you shouldn’t take too many items. Even if you are planning to go by car, you should understand that there is a chance that you will need to leave your vehicle. In this case, too many things will weigh a lot and it will be impossible for you to carry all of them.

Still, if you want to take more items you can think about using a small cart where you can put this stuff. Make sure that it is suitable for cross-country. Having such a cart may help you a lot to go with many things without carrying them all on your back.

  • Don’t share your plan with anyone. It is necessary to prepare your plan well but remember that it must be your secret. If you are not a member of a survival team and you’re not planning to meet each other, then don’t tell anyone who is not your family member about your ideas.
  • Don’t leave too late. If you have a feeling that probably you should get out of your home and hide in the woods, then probably it’s time. There is no need to sit and wait for something. Your intuition may save your life. Besides, you should understand that if your decision to leave is wrong you can just come back home. But if you don’t get out of your house when you need to it may cause you many problems.

Be safe and prepared for bugging out

When you think about risks during the evacuation you realize that the main ones may be caused by other human beings. During an emergency, too many people may be trying to leave the city, but only some of them will be prepared enough for this. If you have good ideas about survival it may help you during the evacuation, but if you made yourself ready and stocked necessary goods then you are more prepared than others. It may cause one problem though: people may think of you as a target to easily take your supplies. Remember that and try not to meet human beings on your survival road, so that the chances of being killed or robbed will be lower.

Before you go bugging out though, make sure you have considered if you should bug-out or bug-in in the first place.

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