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5 items you need to have in the car in case of emergency

When you finally prepare your bug-out bag, you will definitely feel safer. But remember that it shouldn’t be located somewhere in your house, as you never know when you will face an emergency, so take it wherever you decide to come. Such a survival bag can also be used as a get-home bag in case if something bad will happen while you’re away, especially in the car.

A get-home bag differs a little bit from a bug-out bag, as your bug-out bag may be enough for you to survive in a critical situation and you won’t need a get-home bag if you are facing emergency for a few days.

In this case, that bug-out bag that could be made spending less than $100 (that I showed in another article) can be a great option for you. However, if you understand that there is a chance that you will need to be in a survival situation for more days, then you will need some extra equipment to feel comfortable and safe.

When your get-home bag is ready, take it with you so that you’ll be able to get to it when it is necessary. For that, just put it in your car, so that it’ll be near you when you are going to your work, grocery store, or on a road trip. Necessary supplies and equipment may be essential for your survival.


If you are stuck in your car facing a dangerous situation, you will understand how important it is that you have your survival bag. However, you will need to decide if you should stay in your car waiting for someone to help you, or if you should try to get home somehow.

Staying in a car has an important advantage, as the car may be a good shelter to hide you from bad weather and animals. Also, it means that you will be located in one place and wait for the rescuers to come. However, if this emergency is connected with all people to break down, then it is not a good option for you.

Thus, if you are facing an emergency, will your bug-out bag be enough to help you overcome all problems? Yes, probably it will, however, you probably won’t feel as good as you want to.

Your Auto-Bug-Out-Bag

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that your auto-bug-out bag won’t have anything you may need when you face serious environmental issues, so here is what you definitely should put in this bag.

1. Water: If you are located in a pretty hot place, then several gallons of water must be in your bug-out bag located in your car. If you don’t have water, then you can be dead in 3 days because of dehydration. Remember that it is necessary to have at least 1 gallon of water per person every day.

2. Warmth: If you are located in a cold place or if it’s winter, then you should have something to stay warm. Even if you feel safe in your car shelter, you still won’t be warm, especially if you don’t have gas. In such a situation, you should have something that can be used as fuel. Probably the simplest thing you can do is putting some candles into your bag. Usually, a candle can burn at 130F degrees, however, you can make it up to 160F if you add some stearines. For this, you can also get taper candles because they include a lot of stearine, although it may be not very useful as such candles can’t burn well but waste a lot of wax. One more option is to create your own candles adding stearine and locating them in a jar. Such a method will save wax more although the heat will be provided fully.

3. Spare Tire: You can also take a spare tire for heating as it can burn really well. However, remember that when tires are burnt a lot of smoke will be created as well, so you should have enough ventilation.

4. Blanket: If you have a blanket in your bag, it may be really beneficial as blankets reflect heat. You can simply put a blanket on you to feel warm inside. Besides, you can use it to create something like a room inside of automobile where you can also burn candles and feel comfortable. Don’t forget to open a window at least a little bit to get some air.

5. Window Breaker: A really serious issue that you may face accidentally is getting into a river or lake. Of course, you probably don’t have such intentions but still, different situations can happen so it is necessary to be ready for everything. In such a situation, the first thing you should think about is how to leave a car and get outside. It will be really difficult as the water pressure doesn’t allow to open doors easily. So wait until the water fills your car, as only after that, you will be able to get off the car.

However, you can also break a window to get out of the car.  For this, you should purchase a special tool created for this goal. If you get this tool, here is how you should use it: push it against the window and wait until the spring inside the tool will be compressed as a result of which the window will be broken. Be careful though, as you can be damaged by broken glass or even cut yourself because of it. Although even with some damages it is still better than drowning.

Preparedness is the Key

If your car-bug-out bag is completely prepared and includes these extra items, then you will be able to survive in almost any situation.

It is awesome that you are ready to face any emergency. You already know what supplies you should have, how to make food to feed yourself, and also what to take with you when you go outside which is a huge success!

Now it’s time to talk about home prepping a little bit again as there are some additional things that should be done to make you feel confident in any survival situation.

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