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Hone your Survival shooting skills with these essential drills

Before using a gun for survival shooting, you should think well if your situation even requires it. But remember that even if you think that you won’t need a gun it is still better to have it because you never know what’s going to happen. There are 2 situations where it may be necessary to take a weapon: hunting a wild animal for food and protecting yourself from enemies.

Of course, any person can take a gun and shoot, but will he hit the target? To be able to shoot accurately you should practice a lot, especially if you are using a pistol or a revolver. But still, there are people who think it is enough just to have such a gun at home without knowing how to use it properly.

Owning a gun when you have never had any practice with it, may lead to a problem. If your enemy comes to you but you don’t know how to shoot you will probably end up being killed because if this enemy sees your weapon, he will have 2 options to protect himself: run or kill you. If he decides to kill you but you don’t know how to aim and shoot correctly then probably your enemy will destroy you before you pull a trigger.

Of course, it is not easy to learn how to use firearms for survival shooting, but still, anyone can do it, you just need time for it. It is better to practice right now, as in this case, if you’ll need to shoot in the future you will know how to do it.

The 7 prepper & survival shooting drills

  • Standard target shooting. Here is the easiest thing you can do to learn how to shoot well. For this training, you should come to the shooting range and hit a target. It is necessary to train your accuracy because when it comes to shooting an enemy you must be sure that you will hit him in the right way. During a critical situation your shooting skills may be worse because of stress so try to put every bullet into a 6-inch circle when you are at the shooting range. Remember it is important not to stay in one place, just move and change locations so that you will be good at shooting from any distance: from 3 to 20 yards.
  • Long-range shooting. It may be necessary to use a pistol not only for protecting yourself but also for hunting which requires shooting from a long distance. Take a shotgun or a rifle and practice to shoot staying 100-300 yards away from the target. Don’t always use a scope during the training, because sometimes it is possible that your scope will be damaged, but you will still need to shoot accurately.
  • Tactical training. Such training means that you need to shoot targets that are located in a way similar to real self-defense situations. Come to the shooting range and ask about the possibility of tactical training, usually, ranges have this option. This training type differs from usual shooting targets because even a good shooter finds it difficult to hit targets during such training.
  • Shooting while moving. If you know how to shoot while moving, then you can decrease the possibility of being killed. Of course, it is difficult to aim while moving; to be able to do this you should practice a lot. In a critical situation, it may be lifesaving if you know how to shoot while moving. Besides, probably your enemy will move too which makes the situation even more difficult. Thus, such training is really necessary for you.
  • Shooting at several targets. There is a chance that not just one enemy will attack you. Many criminals prefer to act together for better results. If you choose to kill one person you may be murdered by others in such a situation. Thus, you must be ready to kill several enemies really fast. If you know how to shoot while moving, you will be able to protect yourself but remember that it is also important to analyze the situation really fast and understood which enemy should be killed first.
survival shooting target
  • Shooting in the dark. Many attacks are happening during nights because it is easier for enemies to come as you will struggle at seeing them. This is why you should know how to shoot a target during the night, so practice it. Besides, try to shoot with the use of a tactical light which means that you can hold a flashlight and a pistol and hit a target.
  • Pointing and reloading gun. Usually, administrators of shooting ranges don’t allow to practice it but if no one sees you can try to do it. Besides, you can practice pointing an unloaded gun at home. Also try to reload your pistol as fast as you can. Usually, 3 shots are enough to destroy your enemy, but you never know what kind of a situation you may face. Even several seconds that you may use for reloading can lead you to death. So, practice these skills.

Repeat to become proficient in your shooting skills

In the USA you can have a gun legally, but still, you should understand that it is a responsibility. If you have a weapon for protecting yourself or for survival shooting, make sure you know how to use it. If you don’t know how to aim and shoot, there is a chance that you’ll shoot a witness instead of your enemy by accident. Many criminals do such things.

If you practice, then you may be sure that in a critical situation a bullet from your gun will go right into the target. It can really save your life and cause trouble for your enemies. If you can protect yourself and your family members, then buy a gun and learn how to use it.

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