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To bug out or not bug out?

When a not so sudden disaster occurs, most preppers would be confused on whether to bug in or bug out. On the other hand, if you don’t know of a well-stocked bug-out location and a way to get there unharmed, bugging in would be the best option for you. This is mainly because home is where you can easily stock up and be comfortable. But no matter how well you are prepared for bugging in, different situations could change and bugging out would be the best option even when you don’t have a pre-designated stocked up bug out location.

Before we go any further let’s take a closer look at what bugging out means. Bugging out means to flee or depart in a hurry or in panic (hence where the name of the accompanying bug-out bag comes from). Potential natural disasters or emergencies could happen, and one would be forced to leave his or her home. But no matter how we look at it, irrespective of which disaster hits, you will be left with two options and that is either you bug out or stay indoors hoping for everything to be okay. Both are acceptable, and though they’ve sparked controversies, no one can assume things will go his or her way during a disaster or emergency.

Not only can it take one by surprise, but situations can change anytime and it’s impossible to believe one can bug in or out beforehand. Bugging out could be effective if it’s to a prepaid and stocked up location. But if it’s to an unprepared location, that would be hard to manage.

There are factors that one must consider when making a decision on whether to bug in or out. They include;

The Big Advantage of Bugging In

Most people feel safe when they live in familiar surroundings. And if you know the quickest way through your house, you would have an advantage in getting a weapon before some Invaders get to you. If you are not new to your neighborhood you would easily know the immediate area around your home. So, they are possibilities that you would be able to identify your neighbors even though you might not know their names. You can easily identify people that are new to your area of which is a very big advantage in case any trouble arises. And if by any chance there is crises, having a group of known people come together raises everyone’s chance of survival. If you have a background knowledge of the terrain layout, cities and towns in your location, you would be able to locate resources and avoid dangerous areas. There’s no way you can pack all the items you need to survive and still be as comfortable as possible in your bunker or car. But you would have access to more resources if you should bug in at home. Learn more about self-defense for the home in this article.

Bugging Out to a Prepared Location

If you are fortunate to afford a cabin in the woods, then bugging out wouldn’t be a problem to you. Though it would require more proper preparation of the cabin in other to survive for a long period of time. This might be expensive, but at the end it would worth it. If you take a closer look at the big picture of this plan, it would easily get you out of the city and watch situations of things at the cabin. If things come to normal, you can easily return home. But otherwise it doesn’t, you would be safe and out of the way of crises. The only setback that would stop someone from achieving this plan is cost of building this shelter.

Bugging Out Without a Prepared Location

What happens to those who can’t afford a cabin? I guess they would have issues in finding where to live in. But they can be other alternatives if someone can’t buy a land and build a cabin. For example,  someone could find a small town that he or she can easily bug out to in case crises should arise. Because if the entire country is facing some problems, it’s the cities that would have more emergency situations. So, leaving the city to a small town to rent an apartment may be a good alternative, especially when is for a short period of time.

natural disaster bug-out survival

Bugging Out in Times of Natural Disaster

In this type of scenario, decisions that would be made would be made for you of which would normally be by the government, would be out of your control. Nature is something we can’t battle and if natural disaster should occur, it’s better we are away from it and evacuate. That’s why it’s better we have a bug out plan that includes what to take, where to go, and how to get there should be put into operation so that one can easily evacuate before everyone does.

Bugging Out Due to Social Unrest

Social unrest is one of the most difficult bug-out situations. For instance, there is a collapse in the economy and a protest arises which eventually led to violence. You can’t succeed in defending your home forever if perhaps an attack should happen. So, bugging out would be the best option, and a bug-out plan would be needed urgently. Since major hits would be the city it would be advisable to move to a small town. The town should be far from the city, so you don’t end up been caught in the attack. In achieving this, you need to make sure you don’t draw any attention to yourself.

civil unrest riot bug out survival

So, which is it? Bug out or bug in?

It’s important for someone to know that there is no perfect plan in all this. The bug-out location you would stay in may be the best plan for whatever situation you are in and can also end up in a natural disaster that you avoided. That’s why you need to have alternate plans to whatever situation you are faced with. When you’ve made a well detailed plan try and test it in other for you to know necessary adjustments to be made. The more you try the more your plan becomes more better.

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