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Emergency home repair supplies that every household should have

There are a lot of emergency home repair materials you can stockpile around you so that you will be prepared when there is an emergency. Many of these stockpiled materials are food items, and a lot of other stuff you need for your survival. However, we tend to ignore am important part of our survival materials, and that is the repair supplies.

If many of these disasters that we are preparing for are mostly natural disasters, then you will agree with me that we will definitely suffer some damages to our homes, either in a mild or severe manner. These our destroyed homes contain all why we have stockpiled, so that we can survive in these times of emergencies.

emergency home repair roof

The degree of damage to a home can determine of it is still inhabitable or not. If the government declares a particular home uninhabitable, as a result of too much too much damage, it can still be used as a shelter against disasters, until a better option arrives. However, if you are to stay in such a home, you may definitely want to fix that hole in the roof or that window that was shattered as a result of the disaster.

With the correct repair tools, you can get that damaged home up and running again. It does have to be as fancy as the white house when the repairs are done, you just have to make it functional and inhabitable at the same time.

 The Emergency Home Repair Supplies


Taros can be very useful if you want to close that leaky roof of yours, a hole in the wall, or a broken glass window. They are very easy to use and are extremely versatile repair materials.

Clear Plastic Sheeting.

You can also use a clear plastic sheeting to cover up your broken windows too if you don’t have any tarp lying around. They are a better alternative to using tarps because, they allow more air and light to enter the room and you observe what is going on outside.

 Lath or Furring Strips.

If you want to nail the tarps or plastic sheeting just like that, you will have less success because the harsh wind can easily pull them off. It’s better to nail/staple them to a lath or a furring strip. They can help you keep your tarps from falling out.


Plywood is a good way to seal off holes in walls and roofs. They are so much better to use that tarps. Plywood have more substance than tarps, and so they are so, they can be used to seal off holes in roofs that were opened from a  tree branch.

2″ x 4″ Studs.

This set of repair tools can help you build a lot of things like roofs, walls and even a smokehouse. A smokehouse can come in handy of you just happened to shoot a steer.

 Duct Tape.

Duct tapes are extremely useful tools. They can be used to fix a lot of things around the house, so make sure you have enough of them lying around.

Wire Ties (or cable ties).

Wire ties are just as useful as duct tape as an emergency home repair necessity. They are best used to bundle wires. You can purchase them in various sizes, and they are just perfect for tying anything together. You can even use them to tie shelters together.


You can use caulking to secure all kinds of leaks around the house. You should add them to your repair tools as well. If you don’t want rain to get through that repair of yours, then I suggest you caulk it.

Wire Nuts.

You can use wire nuts to connect electrical wires together. If you have a damaged electrical system in your home as a result of the disaster, you will need to disconnect the damaged parts and reconnect the working areas using wire nuts. You can also use wire nuts to cap hot wires that are not attached to anything.

Plumbing Fittings.

You need plumbing fittings to repair any damages that may have occurred to your plumbing system. It will allow you to splice and even cap running pipes, so that you can use the water in the house. 


You need a whole bunch of hardware as part of your survival repair tools, especially a lot of different kinds of nails and screws. You could also need brackets, hinges and even latches to cover up all your temporary repairs around the house.

Extension Cords.

Extension cords are useful if you have an alternative power system and you want to get that power to your electrical devices. Having too much electrical cords is not a bad thing.

Do you have the emergency home repair essentials?

The difference between you sleeping under a tree, and having a roof over your head, is nothing more than to a few emergency home repair tools. These repair tools will make your shattered home inhabitable and a little bit secure. It’s really worth having them around when you give it a thought. Although, these tools won’t get your house to that fancy place you use to live in, but it sure as hell will get it up to a shape you can live in, at least until a better option comes along.

Be sure to include all the necessary tools you need for your survival, especially tools that are manually and don’t require electricity. They could really come in handy when you need them to. Manual tools are very important, just in case the power goes out during a disaster.

Now make sure our house and the people in it are secure by reading this article

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