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Ensure your prepper house stays attack-proof during a crisis

Let’s face it; more that 80% of families live in an unsecured prepper house. What makes it worse is that they don’t know it; they believe they’ve put things in place that can keep them safe.

The truth is; those things we think we have in place can’t keep the bad guys out, all they do is prevent your neighbors from entering your home when you aren’t around. Most of the so-called security doors we have at home can’t even withstand a kick/push from a grown man.

The reason for this slack in security is that most families don’t consider the fact that they could get attacked by armed men. All they consider is keeping out those sneaky burglars. If an intruder doesn’t mind raising alarms then he or she will be in your home in no time; how do you expect to stop a criminal with a hammer in hand from entering your home with just a glass window.

To keep your home safe, you have to first secure the usual targets which are your doors and windows.

What Can We Use To Secure our prepper house?

Change Hinge Screws.

The screws normally used to fix the hinges on our front doors are not normally long. Many, if not most of them are not even up to an inch long; how do you expect that to hold the door from coming off if it is attacked by a determined intruder? What you can do is to change those screws to the 3-inch type; these offer better security because they stand a better chance of keeping the door in place if it is attacked.

Use security Door Strikers.

Deadbolts work better if they are anchored on something tough and sturdy. The normal door frame we have does not have that strength; this is because they are not metal but wood. We all know wood is easier to break than metals. The reason why our doors come off when they are kicked hard is that the wood is not strong enough to hold the impact. So, they end up getting broken by the deadbolts. What we should do is replace the striker plates in our doors with strong burglar proof ones. These security striker plates are sometimes up to 60 inches long and so, they spread the impact of a direct hit. This reduces the chances of the door getting broken.

Fix Door Clubs on your door.

Adding Door Clubs to your doors of your prepper house is another security upgrade you can make to your front door. These Clubs lock your doors to the floor, making it very difficult to force it open. If someone wants to force his or her way into your house, they practically have to break the door to get in.

Get rid of glass sliding doors.

These doors are only as strong as a regular glass and you know how strong that is; it can’t even hold a stone thrown by a six year old child. What this means is that you have to quickly get rid of those weaklings. Replace such doors with real doors and secure them as I have directed above.

prepper house security - prepper homes attack

Fix Window Security Bars.

The window is another express for criminals. All they need is a small stone and the whole beauty comes crashing down. What can you do? You can fix window security bars. These bars serve as a second layer of defense and this time a strong one. It will take only a very determined criminals who came with the right cutting equipment to get through this.

Window Security Film.

A security film is a security material that is fixed on the side of the window inside the house. What it does is, it increases the shock and stress resistant feature of the glass. It makes going through the window really difficult; the burglar will have to spend whole lot of time there, smashing on it, in order to get inside your house.

Always padlock the Garage Door.

The garage door is another week point in the house. Many at times, it is made of aluminum which is a weak metal. If you have the aluminum type, I advise you change them to steel ones. Once you have done this, get a padlock, with which you can lock the doors. Padlocks are very difficult to break and so provide more security.

prepper home security - prepper house attack

 Plant narley Hedges.

These are good alternatives to fences. These Hedges, especially those ones that have thorns are really difficult to climb. They work almost as effective as a brick fence but do not draw attention anywhere close to how your brick fences do. They give the intruder no choice than to go over the gate, leaving them exposed.

prepper home security from attack

In conclusion…

Protecting your household is very important because if you don’t, one day someone in that house might lose his or her life or get seriously harmed for it. This means that when we think of security, we shouldn’t restrict our minds to just keeping out burglars but armed men who mean harm. A glass door can stop a burglar who is not willing to make noise but for an assassin, that’s just an express. Always secure your house so they can be really difficult to get into, from outside.

Many at times, this type of protection discourages attackers but in case it does not, it will buy you some time to call the police and get prepared.

Remember life cannot be bought; we only have one and protecting it is our job. If you are a father, your safety is not the only one at risk but that of you children and wife as well. So, it is up to you to do everything possible to keep them safe.

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