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You need these survival tools:

Life in a survival situation is entirely different than life in normal times, requiring you to have the best survival tools at your disposal. I have seen several people feeling confident that they could survive in any unusual or disastrous situation without taking any survival measure. The people for whom we are talking about have extreme capabilities with their bodies trained enough to make their survival possible in any situation. Most of them possess their workrooms for performing several tasks according to their requirements.

But it doesn’t prove to be enough to make them upright for their survival. The basic reason is that these workrooms do not have the right kind of survival instruments. Think about if there is no power or electric current then how the electric tools could become operational. So, this shows the tools required in a dreadful time completely different from those you use in your routine life.

There are two main classes of survival tools: the first one consists of tools commonly used in your house, and the second class belongs to moveable tools which could be easily carried anywhere. You should have both kinds of these tools as you might face any situation where you need these.

The survival tools:

A Good Knife.

The knife is one of the most common tools; its uses range from food making to construction. You can also use a knife as a weapon. A knife having a blade fastened with a handle is the best server as a survival tool. The blade should not be long enough making it difficult to work with. It is enough to have a 4 to 5 inches knife.


A Butane Lighter.

A butane lighter can also act as a survival tool in unusual situations. It contains oil or gas in small plastic or metallic bottle and can be lit by a striking button. Due to their characteristic of continuous flame, these are more helpful as compared to a safety matchbox. Lighters don’t get moisturized due to wet weather. As a caution, save the lighter from air blow; otherwise, it could stop burning wasting the fuel.

A Hatchet.

Hatchet is a tool similar to an axe, which you can carry with you in a bag due to its small size. It cannot tear wood perfectly as a full-length axe, but it is good to have a hatchet with you than nothing at all. You can use a hatchet to lit fire through spark or friction. It can also act as a hammer for grinding nails.

A Camp Shovel.

It is a small version of the shovel. It can be used to make a hole in the wood, digging small rocks for tent placement, making a water channel across your tent for drainage and making a hole in the ground to dump waste. A camp shovel cannot be compared to a standard shovel, but it is much helpful as a survival tool when compared to a knife or your empty hands.

An Axe.

If your house electricity fails due to any reason, you can use an axe to cut some bushes to lighten and warm your house. An axe is the best tool to cut the wood logs into pieces for good burning.


A Shovel.

A shovel is a tool particularly used for breaking the ground, digging a hole, lifting and moving the items like sand, soil, coal and snow etc. It can act as a substitute for electric and hydraulic digging machines such as cranes or lifters.

A Bow Saw.

For making straight or curvy woodcuts, a bow saw is the most appropriate tool. It is also used to cut timber logs. You will need kerosene. Otherwise, bow saw can’t give you much benefit. It also requires sufficient energetic power in your body to cut wood as it is a slow-moving tool.

A Wheelbarrow.

It is a general-purpose cart/trolley having one wheel, normally used to transport construction materials and household items. It can become a life protector for carrying water or other things if your vehicle is out of fuel or you have no vehicle at all.

A Gun.

Most of us will not accept that gun could also work as a survival tool, but fortunately, guns could act as a lifesaver too. You can use a gun to secure your house, prey for obtaining food, and most importantly for shooting as a sign for aid. Keep in mind that you are used to operating guns at the time of need.

A Wire Saw.

With a wire saw you could do some tasks which require less effort, e.g. cutting fragile items, such as rubber, canvas, leather, PVC pipes and plastic bottles for survival uses. This is the kind of wire saw you have in a survival kit.

A Honing Stone.

It is a stone-like tool with which you can sharp your steel tools by grinding against the tool. If you have a honing stone, you can use it in your house or a forest and desert as well as a survival tool. It could only be much helpful if its edges are sharp. Keep some oil with you too for lubricating the honing stone.

A Crosscut Saw.

It is a tool with small teeth on its one side. It is also used to cut timber for repairing purposes after any disaster. Most of the crosscut saws are operated without power, but some do require power. Like bow saw these are also slower in cutting the wood logs.

The Bottom Line re your Survival Tools:

Unusual situations can come at any time in the life of a human being. The need is that one must have some equipment to safeguard against the crucial situation. Survival tools are the best source for providing these safeguards. Two points should be kept mind: One is that you should not compromise on buying low quality or cheaper survival tools, because these can make a hard situation even harder if the tools do not operate in the hour of need.  The other is if you have the quality tools, but you don’t know how to use these, you can’t do anything despite having the best equipment with you. Good knowledge of using the tools make you feel confident without any tension. 

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